Success Story
BIKDATA and its team of consultants, experts and developers have been specializing in applications around the world of ERP and business data for the last 20+ years.
  • 2001
  • 2011
  • 2021
  • APR 2001


  • MAY 2011


  • JUN 2021


is unique in its field
BIKDATA has worked on a multitude of international projects while accumulating an impressive list of large-scale local and international clients. In addition to this, BIKDATA has been exposed to a number of problems in the business world and has been able to provide a wide scope of enterprise solutions. invoicing and time management.
BIKDATA specializes in customized solutions that are business driven and specific to the needs of their various clients’ requests. Within a few years, BIKDATA has shown a level expertise unparalleled and developed a multitude of “Business Add-ins” (or computerized application with added value for companies) and several independent solutions in relation to digital payments, invoicing and time management.
    BIKDATA acquired an SAP ABAP development firm in Paris called EBS consulting and started developing “Business Add-ins” on the SAP HANA platform. These add-ins allowed ERP data to be exposed for the first time to the blockchain.
  • ERP to Blockchain
    The (In memory) functionality of the HANA SAP platform allowed for hyper fast lN-MEMORY calculations and gave BIKDATA leverage to develop the first ERP to Blockchain Plug IN. This Plugin which secures company’s ERP data, encrypts their data for later use while establishing the creation of a new ASSET CLASS around tokenized ERP systems.
in 2019
BIKDATA signed their first BETA client from the transportation industry. It then sold its first ever ERPZBLOCKCHAIN PLUG IN, which in essence encrypted, secured and tokenized a new Asset for this renowned transportation client. BIKDATA has found a revolutionary way to take dormant or live business data and create a new Asset Class over the Blockchain utilizing the BIKX coin. BIKDATA holds a unique, never before seen or "incomparable" PLUG-IN.
This set a precedent in the transportation industry, where now after 2 years the clients have a full tokenized asset class system based on its live data.
The tokenization of this ERP platform is one of a kind and the model and tokenomics BIKDATA has introduced unique model which offers full interoperability, scalability and sustainability around the blockchain. All ERP systems that run live, or dormant data can utilize this system. As a result, data in businesses will never be seen the same way
in 2020
BIKDATA utilized the same live data concept to sign its 2nd client, a trading platform. BIKDATA tokenized this platform by taking all live trading data and incorporating it into the ERP system while running it through the plug—in. This was another success story that BIKDATA had used to validate its proof of concept. This process established two new Asset Classes around live data for BIKDATA.
in 2021
In 2021 BIKDATA pushed the bar even further by signing 2 well renowned industry clients; one in the hospitality industry and the other a market leader in the retail industry. This was established to prove that the plug-in concept could also work on "dormant data".
Dormant Data is data that was either stored or archived but is still accessible. As a biproduct of these ventures, BIKDATA can now tokenize a new Asset class for businesses either based on live "current data" or "dormant data". Enter the world of BIKDATA.